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If you live in a townhouse in Kelowna and you’re thinking of putting it up for sale to capitalize on Kelowna’s hot real estate market then we want to give you some tips on why listing your home during the winter months is a fantastic idea.

There is a widespread misconception that we often hear and it goes something like, you will get more money and more attention if you list your home for sale in the spring. We’re here to tell you that the market in Kelowna has not slowed down as of 2018 and even winter won’t stop the need for inventory.

If you’ve been considering listing your Kelowna townhome for sale, then here are some great reasons to list in the winter.

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Quality over Quantity

Winter home buyers are often more committed and tend to take a more serious position to make an offer and see it through to closing. Buyers looking at homes for sale in Kelowna over the winter are in all likelihood in more need of finding a place and hence you can expect more thoughtful offers.

Beat the Rush

Springtime in Kelowna is beautiful and arguably one of the busiest seasons tourist wise. This means that not only will you have more competition with new housing inventory flooding the Kelowna real estate market but you will also find that you can attract more out of town lookie-loos. Listing your home for sale in the winter helps you to avoid both.

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These are just a couple of Kelowna winter listing tips that are designed to help you decide when it’s right for you to list your home, townhome or condo for sale. If you want more great tips on selling your home at any time of the year in Kelowna, give us a call! We would love to sit down and chat more about this often overlooked real estate topic!

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