hiking1Hiking, Biking, and Boating

The Okanagan’s landscape consists mainly of small mountains and rolling hills, providing an endless variety of trails for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, mountain biking, and sightseeing. The Mission Greenway is a popular walking trail within the heart of Kelowna, providing great views of the lake, and is perfect for walking your dog and cycling. You won’t be disappointed by the scenery.

Situated on beautiful Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is the perfect setting for a great boating experience. Carved out by glaciers during the ice age, this pristine mountain lake offers fantastic boating enjoyment in this cosmopolitan midsized city. There are four waterfront hotels with restaurants/pubs that are easily boat-accessible with four fueling docks also located in and around the Kelowna area. At the north end of the lake there are two gas docks, one up the north west arm and one near Paddle Wheel park on the north east shoreline. images