New Home Buyers

You have questions! Well, we have answers. Our relationship starts here.

Start this journey with us, and we’ll be your guides to the end. We love working with new buyers because we want your business for life. That’s why we can guarantee that purchasing your first property will be a great experience with us; we want to be your ongoing real estate team, and this is our chance to earn your trust. This is how you benefit:

  1. Learn from the pros. We have 25 years combined experience in the real estate market, as well as backgrounds as top-level executives in business. We make smart decisions, and can teach you to do the same.
  2. A caring team.  Gerry, George, and Jo are here for you! You can reach us 24/7 to get answers to your questions, view properties, and learn about the buying process.
  3. We know the road. New home buyers are often unfamiliar with the steps involved in buying. We’ll help you ask the questions you didn’t know to ask, about home insurance, mortgage options, and everything else from offer to close.
  4. Building your network of professionals. Do you have a financial professional you trust? We do. Let us introduce you! They can help you understand the New Homebuyer Program, and how to leverage RRSPs on your downpayment.
  5. Prepared for Anything. We’ll protect you from the surprises that sting some new homebuyers. With us, you will know what to set aside for legal fees, notaries, and other closing costs, and everything will go smoothly. And we’ll be there to congratulate you as you settle into your beautiful new home, stress-free.

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