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The Secret to Selling Your Gallaghers Property

The Secret to Selling Your Gallaghers Property

Having worked in the sales office for Gallaghers Canyon properties for 7 years, we have a very intimate knowledge of this community, and specifically, how to sell it effectively. That means your property is in good hands with us and our network of buyers from the Okanagan and across Canada.  The secret to selling your Gallaghers property is that:

  • Our Team is Experienced and Enthusiastic with the Gallaghers Quality of Life and Community
  • Our Team reaches out to the Markets where Gallaghers Buyers traditionally originate :
    • The Okanagan
    • Alberta & the Prairies
    • The Lower Mainland
    • Eastern Canada
  • Our Team has a proven 20+ year track record of Sales specifically at  Gallaghers as well as outstanding success over the past 2 years in the current Market Environment.
  • Our Team has the Support and Referral network of the vast majority of Gallaghers Home Owners.
  • Our Team is supported with the Performance and Resources of the most  Powerful Real Estate Brand in the World: RE/MAX®

We not only “Live Here” but we enthusiastically support and enjoy the “Lifestyle and Activities” of the Community.

We promote and support all of the Clubs and Programs that Gallaghers offers, and we appreciate and understand the sense of “Community”, Friendship, Support, and Quality of Life that thrives here.

We get it!!

“Gallagher’s is a LIFESTYLE Community”

To professionally market your property it is important that prospects be introduced to the total concept of the community, it’s amenities and opportunities.

To sell your property at “premium” value we must paint the right pictures, explain the overall concept and benefits, and emphasize the “Lifestyle Advantages” and “Benefits” that Gallagher’s offers.