One of the most effective partnerships Central Okanagan real estate has ever encountered is that of the Gerry Fraser and George Patridge real estate team, The Fraser Patridge Group. Their initial partnership began in 2005, and since then has grown into a world of success neither George or Gerry imagined for themselves.

The Fraser Patridge Group sets itself apart and above its competitors. Having both been business owners and senior executives before entering the realm of real estate, George and Gerry speak the language of their clients. They are a partnership who take their work very seriously, but are not formal about how they go about it, allowing their clients to feel at ease and comfortable. Their combined experience of over 25 years, their winning of many awards, and their consistently strong yearly achievements, make for a perfect combination of experience, consistency, and professionalism.

George and Gerry eat, breathe, and sleep real estate, and are excited by it every day. Whether you’re buying or selling, they are keen to help, and to provide their clients with the best experience possible. With a large client base, strong communication skills, and long-standing reputation, The Fraser Patridge Group is prepared to achieve success, and to exceed their clients’ requests with ease. Their ambition is the key to their success, and clearly shows no signs of letting up. With every day anew they set out determined to meet their clients’ needs, and to have both parties walk away beaming about their worry-free Okanagan real estate experience. The Fraser Patridge Group has your back.